Our Attribute and Installation Assessment


To advise and/or inspect installations before the systems are fitted. This alleviates most problems which occur when systems are first turned on and left running for a while, invariably before any professional commissioning is obtained. It also eliminates the incorrect fitting of various parts like ducts, tun-dishes, pipe sizes, positioning of the control panel even the reservoir which, once fitted cannot be altered and therefore hinders and sometimes makes it impossible for future maintenance or replacement of parts.

Also, advising on the correct system for particular properties or buildings. All too often I come across the wrongly fitted system because being a fairly new phenomena most builders/architects have difficulty finding first hand experienced personnel/engineers who can advise on all aspects of what product is best for their particular dwelling or industrial requirement and certainly which is the best manufacturer for their needs.

An incorrect or badly fitted system invariable is problematic, so a little guidance and advice can go a tremendously long way which will certainly be beneficial and cost effective in the long run.

Therefore, to commission installations once installed and to make sure they are set up correctly, as this will not only reduce general running problems but make sure the systems operate for their full life expectancy.

The repair of systems that go wrong. Replace faulty parts with genuine manufacturer’s parts and assist with reports for manufacturer’s warranty.

Finally, annual servicing of all installations. This would include the checking of the entire system, the cleaning of all filters and tuning the PC Control Panel to make sure it is in the best possible mode/setup. We also offer expert Reservoir Cleaning as and when required.  




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